Zoe Gagnon

I am a seasoned technology leader with a rich and diverse career in software engineering and management roles. Most recently, I have been Principal Engineer, responsible for setting the technical direction and nurturing crucial vendor relationships at a seed series startup.

My professional interests are in the creation of high-performance, generative organizations. I take a holistic approach to engineering, and I am passionate about building teams which unlock the power of the company. This ranges from guiding implementation decisions, to establishing team processes, coaching engineers, and discovering seamless ways of working that enhance flow across the company.

A headshot featuring Zoe Gagnon
Zoe Gagnon speaking at QCon New York

My career spans roles in software engineering and leadership. I have worked in a variety of industries, including high impact ones such as healthcare and finance. I have direct experience with the challenges of developing a product from the ground up, scaling a startup, and guiding mature organizations through transformation.

I have a strong grounding in agile fundamentals that apply well to a diversity of situations, both technical and organizational. Coupled with my experience growing indidiuals and teams, this makes me a leader in technical innovation and improving workflow efficiency. I've also been a speaker and organizer of several conferences and meetups. In every aspect of my career, I strive to have an impact larger than myself and elevate those around me.

Outside of work, I enjoy a variety of hobbies. I am an avid outdoorswoman, enjoying multi-day backpacking trips, camping, and exploring the small towns of the Hudson Valley by motorcycle.

I have a passion for learning, including a love of languages. I have been studying Japanese for several years. I also enjoy reading, geology, stationery, and craft.

A misty morning scene in the Hudson Valley